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Statistics - Maths of Real Life

This pilot collection of resources is designed to introduce key statistical ideas and help students to deepen their understanding.

Binomial Conditions

When is an experiment described by the binomial distribution? Why do we need both the condition about independence and the one about constant probability?

Binomial or Not?

Are these scenarios described by the binomial distribution?


Age 16 to 18 Challenge Level:

This example involves using the Normal probability distribution as an approximation to the Binomial distribution.

You can look up the Standard Normal Probability table, for example at where you will also find some of the theory about the distribution, or you can use an online calculator which will give you readings automatically, for example the one at .

In this example you are not given the number of tickets sold and asked to find the probability that too many passengers will turn up for the flight, but rather the inverse problem, and solving this requires some trial and improvement method.