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How Many Solutions?

Find all the solutions to the this equation.

Power Up

Show without recourse to any calculating aid that 7^{1/2} + 7^{1/3} + 7^{1/4} < 7 and 4^{1/2} + 4^{1/3} + 4^{1/4} > 4 . Sketch the graph of f(x) = x^{1/2} + x^{1/3} + x^{1/4} -x

Sine Problem

In this 'mesh' of sine graphs, one of the graphs is the graph of the sine function. Find the equations of the other graphs to reproduce the pattern.


Age 16 to 18
Challenge Level

Sketch graphs of

$$y = \left[1 + (x - t)^2\right]\left[1 + (x + t)^2\right]$$

for $t = -1/2$, $1/2$ and $2$. You will see that these graphs have 'different shapes'. Suppose the parameter $t$ varies, then the general shape of the graph varies continuously with $t$. Show that the graph always has a shape similar to the examples above and find the values of $t$ at which there are transitions from one shape to another.