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Set Square

A triangle PQR, right angled at P, slides on a horizontal floor with Q and R in contact with perpendicular walls. What is the locus of P?

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Strange Rectangle

ABCD is a rectangle and P, Q, R and S are moveable points on the edges dividing the edges in certain ratios. Strangely PQRS is always a cyclic quadrilateral and you can find the angles.

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Strange Rectangle 2

Find the exact values of some trig. ratios from this rectangle in which a cyclic quadrilateral cuts off four right angled triangles.

Biggest Bendy

Age 16 to 18 Challenge Level:

You may wish to try the problem Bendy Quad first.


Four rods are hinged at their ends to form a quadrilateral with fixed side lengths.
Show that the quadrilateral has a maximum area when it is cyclic.