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Domino Join Up

Age 5 to 7
Challenge Level

You will need a double-six set of dominoes for this problem (a standard set of dominoes) but without the seven doubles (double one, double two etc). That is twenty-one domino pieces in all.

Can you arrange fifteen of the pieces round a track like this so that all the touching domino pieces add to $6$ and the ends join up?

You will have six pieces left over.

Using the same twenty-one pieces, can you now make all the joins add to $7$? Which six pieces will you have to leave out?

Can you now make all the joins add to $5$ using the twenty-one pieces? Which six pieces will you have to leave out now?

Now can you make all the joins add to make an even number? What about all the joins adding to make an odd number?

You may find our Dominoes Environment useful for working on this problem.

Printable NRICH Roadshow resources: Instructions and Domino Track.