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Biscuit Decorations

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Robot Monsters

Age 5 to 7
Challenge Level


You are going to make three Robot Monsters. They are all $5$ cm wide.


Here are their heads which all have blue backgrounds:

first head

second head

third head

Here are their bodies which all have yellow backgrounds:

first body

second body

third body

Here are their legs which all have green backgrounds:

first legs

second legs

third legs

What is the tallest Robot Monster that you can make using one head, one body and one set of legs?

What is the shortest one you can make using one head, one body and one set of legs?

How tall would the Robot Monster be that was made from the three bits left over after you had made the tallest and the shortest?

How many Robot Monsters which are all different heights can you make with the nine pieces (all with one head, one body and one set of legs)?

Printable NRICH Roadshow resource.