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The Lily Pond

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

Alistair explains how Freddie the Frog jumps:

  • First of all, Freddie Frog hops to
  • Row 3, Leaf 1 then to
  • Row 2, Leaf 1 then to
  • Row 1, Leaf 1 then to
  • Row 1, Leaf 2 then to
  • Row 1, Leaf 3 then to
  • Row 2, Leaf 3 then to
  • Row 3, Leaf 3 then to
  • Row 4, Leaf 3 then to
  • Row 4, Leaf 2 then to
  • Row 3, Leaf 3 to meet Sammy Snail.

Including the first leaf, Freddie has hopped on 11 leaves. He missed out Row 2, Leaf 2.

There is also another way to get to Sammy Snail that includes Row 2, Leaf 2, but it misses out a few more leaves.

Alistair goes on to say:

Freddie could jump on all the leaves if Sammy lived on

  • Row 1, Leaf 3, or if she lived on
  • Row 2, Leaf 2 or
  • Row 3, Leaf 3, or
  • Row 1, Leaf 1.

Alistair tells us that his mum thinks there is another place too. What do you think?