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Ten squares form regular rings either with adjacent or opposite vertices touching. Calculate the inner and outer radii of the rings that surround the squares.

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Shape and Territory

If for any triangle ABC tan(A - B) + tan(B - C) + tan(C - A) = 0 what can you say about the triangle?

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So Big

One side of a triangle is divided into segments of length a and b by the inscribed circle, with radius r. Prove that the area is: abr(a+b)/ab-r^2

Three by One

Stage: 5 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

$ABCD$ is a rectangle where $BC$ = $3AB$. $P$ and $Q$ are points on $BC$ such that $BP$ = $PQ$ = $QC$.

Diagram of rectangle ABCD

Show that: angle $DBC$ + angle $DPC$ = angle $DQC$

Generalise this result.

N.B. This problem can be tackled in at least 8 different ways using different mathematics learnt in the last two years in school and earlier. The methods are essentially the same when viewed from a more advanced perspective.