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Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level


Take an A4 piece of paper ...
How small can you make it by folding?
How many different sorts of triangle can you produce by folding?
Can you produce four identical triangles?

What is the quickest way to produce a square?
Can you make other quadrilaterals by folding?

Or by folding a long sheet of paper ...

piece of paper folded to make long shape

What can you produce?
Other shapes?
More folds?

Why do this problem?

This exploratory task is accessible to all and therefore good for boosting children's confidence. It would make a good introductory activity for work on shape.

Key questions

Tell me about what you have done.
How many folds have you made?
What shape/s have you made?

Possible extension

Some learners will enjoy this activity about folding a sheet of paper to make an equilateral triangle.

Possible support

Pupils could start by folding into a rectangle.