What Makes a Good Mathematician? Reflection Tool

Age 5 to 16
Challenge Level

The diagram below can be used for learners to reflect on their mathematical progress as suggested in the article Maths at Home - Nurturing Successful Mathematicians.

five pathways radiating out from a pentagon

We have created some sheets for you to print off and use with your learners:

There are lots of ways this tool could be used in the classroom. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Learners could reflect on their mathematical profile after working on a task, and colour in sections of the path to capture a snapshot of their profile for that task.
  • Learners could award themselves a baseline score for each strand (perhaps up to a maximum of 2 or 3), and colour in those sections. Then every time they feel that they have worked towards improving their capabilities in a particular strand, they could colour in another section.
  • Learners could join together the furthest step they have reached on each path, and annotate it with the date, to show a series of pentagons growing outwards tracking their progress over time.