Activities for Ages 5-7

These groups of tasks for 5 to 7 year olds are part of our wider Maths at Home feature. Enjoy dipping in! 

Just Jottings (5-7)live

Age 5 to 7

You need nothing more than pencil and paper to work on these tasks.

Interactive Games and Puzzles (5-7)

Age 5 to 7

These activities all include an online interactivity.

Maths to Take Your Time Over (5-7)

Age 5 to 7

These tasks are worth exploring over a few days or even a few weeks and may involve printing or interactives.

Print it Out (5-7)

Age 5 to 7

You need access to a printer to get the most out of these tasks.

Homemade Maths (5-7)

Age 5 to 7

You'll need some everyday bits and pieces for these tasks.