Representing and Comparing Quantities

Representing and comparing quantities

In order to make sense of mathematical ideas, students need to have a good grasp of the different ways in which numbers are used and represented. This feature offers activities designed to develop students' understanding of fractions, decimals, percentages and standard form. We hope the engaging card-matching games will offer opportunities to develop fluency, and the investigations will lead to useful insights and deeper understanding.

Please encourage your students to send in their solutions by Monday 23 March.

Matching Fractions, Decimals and Percentages live

Age 7 to 14 Challenge Level:
Can you match pairs of fractions, decimals and percentages, and beat your previous scores?

Fractions and Percentages Card Game live

Age 11 to 16 Challenge Level:
Can you find the pairs that represent the same amount of money?

Terminating or Not live

Age 11 to 14 Challenge Level:
Is there a quick way to work out whether a fraction terminates or recurs when you write it as a decimal?

Standard Index Form Matching live

Age 14 to 16 Challenge Level:
Can you match these calculations in Standard Index Form with their answers?

Tiny Nines live

Age 14 to 16 Challenge Level:
What do you notice about these families of recurring decimals?

Repetitiously live

Age 14 to 16 Challenge Level:
Can you express every recurring decimal as a fraction?