Solving Together - Information for Teachers

Solving Together is an exciting pilot project, funded by Nesta and Tata. The pilot is targeted at Year 7 classes, and promotes parental engagement with mathematics.

About the project
Parental engagement can have a huge impact on student attainment. This project will create a suite of resources designed for parents to work on at home with their children. The resources are designed to promote a home environment where parents and children can explore and enjoy mathematics together. Although this recruitment call is restricted to UK-based schools, we intend to publish the resources for all schools once the project has been completed.

Benefits of participation
  • Access to six homework tasks, carefully designed by the NRICH team to minimise teacher workload
  • Opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge education research
  • Potential for increased parental engagement and improvement in students' attitude to mathematics

What's involved?

NRICH will provide six homework tasks for students to work on with their parents. The tasks have been carefully chosen to help build parental engagement and develop positive attitudes to mathematics.

The tasks are interactive online resources with video support materials, so students will need to have access to the internet and a phone, tablet or computer at home. There will be a short child-friendly questionnaire for students to complete in class at the beginning and end of the project.

Your commitment
To participate in the pilot, you will need to set aside one homework slot per week (six in total) in the second half of the autumn term for the participating Year 7 class (or classes).

We will provide a template letter to parents and permission forms to confirm each child's participation in the project. You will need to return these to NRICH, along with confirmation of your senior leadership team's support for your participation.

You will also need to set aside some class time at the start and end of the project for students to complete the questionnaires, which will need to be returned to NRICH.

We will also be recruiting one school for case study research where we will arrange site visits to collect further data.

How to apply

If you would like to be considered for participation in the pilot, please fill in this short form. We are particularly keen to recruit schools in Category 5 and 6 areas.