Key Stage 2 Books

The books in this list can be used across Key Stage 2 to explore a variety of different mathematical topics. You can see other collections of books, including the full list of books recommended by the NRICH team, on our Bookcase Maths page.

Grandpa's Quilt

Age 3 to 11

Grandpa is so long and thin that his quilt doesn't cover his toes. This story tells of his grandchildren's attempts to change the shape of the quilt so he is toasty from head to foot.

365 Penguins

Age 5 to 11

On the morning of New Year's Day, a delivery arrives. When the box is opened, it turns out there's a penguin inside! Every day for the rest of the year, a new penguin is delivered, which causes the family some problems...

Spaghetti and Meatballs for All!

Age 5 to 11

Mr and Mrs Comfort have a total of 32 people coming to their family reunion - but how should they arrange the tables so that there is room for everyone?

Einstein, the Girl Who Hated Maths

Age 5 to 11

Einstein is a girl who hates maths, but she likes cats - and it turns out maths can be useful in lots of situations, including calculating how many lives her cats have! This book contains a variety of different poems, both about Einstein and about lots of other mathematical ideas.

Katie Morag and the Birthdays

Age 5 to 11

In January there is a special day on the Isle of Struay - it is Flora Ann McColl's first birthday. Katie Morag is very excited, but she can't help asking, "When will it be MY birthday?" Follow the story through the different months of the year to find out when Katie Morag's birthday is.

The Number Devil

Age 7 to 11

Robert hates everything to do with numbers. Then one night, he meets the number devil in his dreams, and he learns that numbers can be much more interesting than he ever imagined...

The Phantom Tollbooth

Age 7 to 11

In this story, Milo goes on an adventure to the strange lands of Dictionopolis and Digitopolis - but can he rescue Rhyme and Reason so that everything starts making sense again?

The Rabbit Problem

Age 7 to 11

This picture book looks at the number of rabbits in Fibonacci's field as they have more and more babies throughout the year!

Infinity and Me

Age 7 to 11

Uma wonders about the idea of infinity. What does it mean? How can we imagine infinity? This book talks about the idea of infinity in lots of different ways.