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World of Tan 26 - Old Chestnut

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

This activity follows on from World of Tan 25 - Pentominoes.

Granma T: Oh dear! It's only Monday and the children are arguing already!

Little Fung and Little Ming are sitting at the table, trying to solve a puzzle.

Little Fung: It can be done!

Little Ming: No it can't! Our teacher showed us that at the end of the lesson.

Granma T: Why are you making all this noise? Do either of you have any homework to do? If not, get out into the yard, there's plenty to do there! Help the workers tidy up.

Little Fung: Not that old chestnut again!

Granma T: Pardon?

Little Ming: Little Fung asked about old chestnuts!

Little Fung: That's right. What are they? What does it mean?

Granma T: Go outside and finish off out there - we can talk about this later!

The children go outside into the yard to help with the tidying up. Granma T rejoins Mah Ling back in the office.

Granma T: What was all that nonsense about 'old chestnuts'?

Mah Ling: I'm not sure but I feel certain that over your meal tonight you'll be questioned about it. The children like having answers, and they're not afraid to ask.

Granma T: That's a good thing. And I know they ask a lot of questions at school. Their teacher must get exhausted!

Mah Ling: When I was at school, no-one was allowed to speak unless spoken to.

Granma T: The times are changing, Mah Ling. Even the schoolwork that the children do is so much more interesting and more demanding than the work you or I did at school. They are encouraged to think for themselves.

Mah Ling: We're certainly kept busy with all the problems that the children bring home!

Granma T: I wonder what it will be tonight?

Mah Ling: It might be something about language? All that fuss about old chestnuts...

The two children come back into the house noisily.

Little Fung: It can be done!

Little Ming: No it can't. Don't you ever learn?

Granma T: And on and on they go until dinnertime!

In the meantime, complete the silhouette of a brazier used to roast chestnuts.

Extra activity:
  • Can you resolve Little Ming and Little Fung's argument? Here is their diagram:

The story continues in World of Tan 27 - Sharing.