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World of Tan 12 - All in a Fluff

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

This activity follows on from World of Tan 11 - The Past, Present and Future.

Little Ming and Little Fung rush home from school. It is the first school day of the new month, and it doesn't seem long until the holidays now. They are particularly excited because tonight they are going to help Granma T and the rest of the team. Previously they had been too busy with homework, class projects and preparing for the new tests to help with all the business that had come and gone through the yard. Tonight it will be different.

Tonight they are helping to move the local rabbit farm from its present location down by the rice paddies up to Ding Wood. It has to move because more space is needed - there are too many rabbits with not enough to feed off.

Chi Wing is waiting by the van, counting on his clip board as the empty rabbit travel cages are loaded by Wai Ping. Wu Ming has attached the long trailer to the van. Granma T is already at the wheel and ready to go.

Now that everyone is aboard, Granma T can slowly ease the vehicle out of the yard and off to the farm.

It is chaos at the farm: the rabbits are all running round in their paddock; none of the helpers at the rabbit farm are anywhere to be seen; some of the newly ordered hutches are not made up yet; and the family are overwhelmed by their predicament.

Granma T explains as firmly as she can that the move has to take place tonight, as it will be another two months before all of the team will be available again. Besides, there is almost five hours of good light still left - plenty of time to sort everything out!

Over a soothing cup of tea, a plan of action was made. While the adults stacked the hutches onto the trailer, the children's job was to quietly catch the animals and place them very carefully into their travel cages, supervised by Mah Ling.

Within an hour and a half everything had been completed. All of the rabbits were safely loaded - even the three large Angoras had at last quietly submitted to being handled and were ready to go...

In the meantime, complete the silhouettes of two of the rabbits that were successfully and carefully caught.

Extra activities:
  • Have a go at this activity about some different types of rabbits.
  • Survey your friends about the pets they have. Can you find different ways of showing this information?

The World of Tan continues in World of Tan 13 - A Storm in a Tea Cup.