EYFS Geometry Books

The books in this list can be used in the Early Years to explore different aspects of shape and space. You can see other collections of books, including the full list of books recommended by the NRICH team, on our Bookcase Maths page.

Rosie's Walk

Age 3 to 5

This simple but captivating story uses positional language to describe Rosie the hen's walk. Rosie is wonderfully oblivious to the fact she is being pursued!

Lucy in the City

Age 3 to 7

Lucy the raccoon is in the city one night looking for food with her family. But when they leave her behind by mistake, she has to find her way home with the help of a friendly owl who gives her directions.

Henry's Map

Age 3 to 7

Henry the pig likes knowing exactly where everything is. But when he looks out of the window, the farm is a mess! Follow Henry's story as he draws a map to show where everything in the farm should be.

Walter's Wonderful Web

Age 3 to 7

Walter the spider wants to spin a perfect web, so he tries making webs of different shapes and sizes. Will he end up with a wonderful web?

The Secret Birthday Message

Age 3 to 7

On the night before Tim's birthday, he finds a secret message under his pillow! Can you work out what the different shapes in the message mean to help Tim find his birthday present?

Color Zoo

Age 3 to 7

When we turn the page to remove a layer, what animal will the picture show now? And what shape will be removed? Have a look at the colour zoo to find out!

Grandpa's Quilt

Age 3 to 11

Grandpa is so long and thin that his quilt doesn't cover his toes. This story tells of his grandchildren's attempts to change the shape of the quilt so he is toasty from head to foot.