Maths Club Activities

The tasks on these pages are designed for use outside of the classroom, in maths clubs or as liaison activities between primary and secondary schools. These activities are particularly suitable for groups of learners who are keen and motivated, and can spend plenty of time exploring and discovering new ideas. This page is a work in progress - please do let us know what you think.

National Young Mathematicians' Award


These investigations are based on those written for the National Young Mathematicians' Award. They stretch pupils' understanding by encouraging them to reason logically, delving deep into the mathematics behind the patterns that they can see. 

The National Young Mathematicians' Award competition is open to groups of pupils aged 9-13.

Maths Masterclass


The Royal Institution provides a range of extracurricular maths resources and teaching materials. If you are a teacher at a school in the UK, you might like to get in touch with your local Maths Masterclass team and nominate some pupils to attend a series of Masterclasses. These sessions are lively and highly interactive, developing pupils' mathematical thinking and communication skills.

Photograph acknowledgement: Thales on Flickr

NRICH Activities


These NRICH activities fall outside the National Curriculum. They teach children to think outside the box to solve a problem that they have never encountered before, just as professional mathematicians do. Some of these tasks are very abstract strategy-based games, and some are engaging real-life problems. They are designed to capture the imagination of the learners in your class who are particularly interested in maths. 

Wild Maths


Wild Maths is a website which has been produced by the NRICH team and aims to encourage creative thinking and curiosity. It features rich and open-ended resources aimed directly at learners, which allow them to explore and discover in a mathematical way.