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This practical challenge invites you to investigate the different squares you can make on a square geoboard or pegboard.


This activity investigates how you might make squares and pentominoes from Polydron.

Multilink Cubes

If you had 36 cubes, what different cuboids could you make?

Possible Pieces

Age 5 to 11
Challenge Level
Yvonne from Kügeliloo School in Zurich Switzerland wrote to say they found eight solutions to challenge 1 and 32 solutions to challenge 3. It would have been good to see pictures of them.

Millie from Nene Valley Primary sent in her work with a picture:

First I tried to make one puzzle that worked, and then I realised that there was a pattern of pegs and holes. The pegs went round in a circle and so did the holes, so only the middle peg or hole could change, or the circle could go round the other way. 
A larger more legible version is available here.pdf 

Well done Millie, and thanks to Yvonne for her two answers. If you have a go at this challenge, let us know what you find out.