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So It's 28

Here is your chance to investigate the number 28 using shapes, cubes ... in fact anything at all.

Sort Them Out (1)

Can you each work out the number on your card? What do you notice? How could you sort the cards?

Eightness of Eight

Age 5 to 7 Challenge Level:

Watch the video above all the way through.

What do you see?

Play it again.  You could pause it while you're watching, if you like.  And you might like to watch it again more than once.

Describe what you notice.
Each time the counters are moved, what is the same? What is different?  

Imagine you are making a similar video but with twelve counters. 
What would it look like?

We would love to see your ideas - you could make a video, or you could take photos, or you could draw pictures, or...