EYFS Activities - Measures

Calendar Muddle

This activity focuses on ordering familiar eventsDOWNLOAD HERE.

Making Caterpillars

Our making caterpillars activity uses clay and dough to introduce measurement. DOWNLOAD HERE

Long Creatures

Creating long creatures from card, cubes etc.DOWNLOAD HERE


Discussing weights of wrapped presents.DOWNLOAD HERE


Putting objects into a container in a certain length of time.DOWNLOAD HERE

I Have a Box

This activity encourages children to guess what is inside your boxDOWNLOAD HERE.

Mud Kitchen

Explore the mathematics of a mud kitchenDOWNLOAD HERE!


Encourage mathematical thinking through cookingDOWNLOAD HERE.


A variety of balances and objects to put in/on them will intrigue young childrenDOWNLOAD HERE.

Water, Water

How will we find out which bottles will hold the most lemonade for our outing to the parkDOWNLOAD HERE?

Spring Scale

Children choose items to put into the cartons and discuss why some items pull the carton down further than others. DOWNLOAD HERE

Sock Washing Line

Using everyday language to talk about size and position, comparing and ordering by size Counting in ones and twos. DOWNLOAD HERE

Wrapping Parcels

Exploring characteristics of everyday objects and shapes and describing them, Comparing and writing numbers. DOWNLOAD HERE