EYFS Activities - Number

Number Talks

Age 3 to 5

Recognising, creating and describing patterns with numbers

Hidden Jewels

Age 3 to 5

Saying how many there are without counting


Giving children the opportunity of having their say and helping to decide events.DOWNLOAD HERE

Using Books: the Doorbell Rang

Solving problems involving sharing and talking about numbers.DOWNLOAD HERE

Estimation Station

How many are in the jar? Counting to see who is right. DOWNLOAD HERE

Using Books: Maisie Goes Camping

Using everyday language to talk about addition and subtraction. DOWNLOAD HERE

Golden Beans

Counting golden beans and beginning to match numerals to amounts. DOWNLOAD HERE

Number Book

Children will love creating their own 'number book'DOWNLOAD HERE.

Double Trouble

What will happen if we double the number of naughty dogs? DOWNLOAD HERE

Owl's Packing List

Can you help Owl pack to go to his aunty's? DOWNLOAD HERE

Show Me

In how many different ways can you show the same number? DOWNLOAD HERE


Using tidying up as a context for number work. DOWNLOAD HERE


Pirates shopping for treasure.DOWNLOAD HERE

Number Rhymes

A counting song activity. Download

Maths Story Time

Telling a story which poses a problem for children to solve.DOWNLOAD HERE

Playing Incey Wincey Spider

Here are ideas for using this well known rhyme as a counting game: who will win, the rain or the sun? Download


Children often enjoy rolling large dice so take a look at these challengesDownload.

Two Halves

How might you share this cookie with a friend? DOWNLOAD HERE

The Box Game

Can you work out how many toys are hidden in the box? DOWNLOAD HERE