The Problem-solving Classroom: Encouraging a Productive Disposition

This group of tasks, part of our featureĀ The Problem-solving Classroom, is a good starting point for encouraging positive habits of mind: collaboration, determination, thoughtfulness and curiosity.

Inside Triangles

Age 5 to 7 Challenge Level:

How many different triangles can you draw on the dotty grid which each have one dot in the middle?


Age 5 to 7 Challenge Level:

Can you lay out the pictures of the drinks in the way described by the clue cards?


Age 5 to 7 Challenge Level:

These pieces of wallpaper need to be ordered from smallest to largest. Can you find a way to do it?

If the World Were a Village

Age 5 to 11 Challenge Level:

This activity is based on data in the book 'If the World Were a Village'. How will you represent your chosen data for maximum effect?

Stringy Quads

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

This practical problem challenges you to make quadrilaterals with a loop of string. You'll need some friends to help!

The Remainders Game

Age 7 to 14 Challenge Level:

Play this game and see if you can figure out the computer's chosen number.

Factors and Multiples Game

Age 7 to 16 Challenge Level:

A game in which players take it in turns to choose a number. Can you block your opponent?