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Always, Sometimes or Never? KS1

Age 5 to 7
Challenge Level

Are the following statements about number always true, sometimes true or never true?
How do you know?

Can you find examples or counter-examples for each one?

For the 'sometimes' cards can you explain when they are true? Or rewrite them so that they are always true or never true?


When you add two numbers you
can change the order and the
answer will be the same



If you add 10 and take away 1,
it is the same as adding 9



When you add 10 to a number,
the answer is a multiple of 10


When you subtract one number
from another number you can
change the order and the answer
will be the same

What about these statements about shapes?



If you put two squares together
you get a rectangle



3D shapes have more than
four faces



When you cut a square in half
you get a triangle


Four sided shapes are called squares


Three sided shapes are called triangles



You could cut out each set of cards from this sheet (wordpdf) and arrange them in this grid.

Alternatively, you could use these interactivities to organise your thinking: