Play to Win

Can you use your mathematics to find a winning strategy for each of these games?

The Play to Win pathway on introduces students to a range of strategy games and invites them to look for similarities and links between them.

The collection of related NRICH tasks below are ideal for teachers who want to promote creativity in the classroom. They are designed for classroom use, with accompanying Teachers' Notes and Resources.

Stop the Clock

Age 5 to 7 Challenge Level:

This is a game for two players. Can you find out how to be the first to get to 12 o'clock?


Age 5 to 14 Challenge Level:

Can you work out how to win this game of Nim? Does it matter if you go first or second?

Got It

Age 7 to 14 Challenge Level:

A game for two people, or play online. Given a target number, say 23, and a range of numbers to choose from, say 1-4, players take it in turns to add to the running total to hit their target.

Slippery Snail

Age 7 to 16 Challenge Level:

A game for two people, who take turns to move the counters. The player to remove the last counter from the board wins.

Got a Strategy for Last Biscuit?

Age 11 to 16 Challenge Level:

Can you beat the computer in the challenging strategy game?