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Traffic Lights

The game uses a 3x3 square board. 2 players take turns to play, either placing a red on an empty square, or changing a red to orange, or orange to green. The player who forms 3 of 1 colour in a line wins.

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A game for 2 players. Draw a daisy with at least 5 petals. Shade 1 or 2 petals next to each other. The winner shades the last petal.

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Jumping Reindeer

A game for 1 person to develop stategy and shape and space awareness. 12 counters are placed on a board. Counters are removed one at a time. The aim is to be left with only 1 counter.


Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

To play the game, take cards alternately. You win if you get all the occurrences of the same letter. (e.g. AN, ON and LINE contain all occurrences of the letter N)

Can you devise a strategy so that you never lose?

Can you explain your strategy?

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You can print these cards out to play if you like.


Look at all of these games. What do you notice about the strategies they employ?

We suggest tackling them in the order given.

Printable NRICH Roadshow resource. 

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