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Weekly Problem 43 - 2013
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Put Out the Flags

Age 11 to 14 Challenge Level:

Tim and Beth both have a string of flags. They have red flags, white flags, blue flags, and union jacks.


They both counted how many of each colour they had.

Tim's flags are $50$% blue, $35$% red, $10$% white and $5$% union jacks.

Beth's flags are $40$% blue, $32$% red, $20$% white and $8$% union jacks.

They both have as few flags as is possible with those percentages.

Who has the most flags?

Who has the most red flags?

Who has the most blue flags?

How many union jacks do they have between them?

If instead you know that Tim and Beth have $10$ union jacks between them how many flags do they have altogether?