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Treasure Island

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

We had lots of solutions for this question. Catherine and Zoe from Vernon Junior School, Poynton, Cheshire said:

We solved this problem by finding the co-ordinates first, which are as follows:

  • elephant
  • island
  • gate
  • hill
  • tree
  • tower
  • wall
  • octopus

All the letters spell eight two which are the co-ordinates of the buried treasure.

The Lighthouse!

Sam and Ryan from Middlewich Primary School also explained their thinking clearly:

  • (7,5) Elephant
  • (9,5) Island
  • (5,3) Gate
  • (2,3) Hill
  • (7,1) Tree
  • (3,3) Turrent
  • (4,2) wall
  • (1,1) Octopus

We got the first letters from each word and our solution is EIGHT TWO. (8,2), the lighthouse where the treasure is buried.

Thanks for solutions to Andy, Craig from Vernon Junior School and Ashley, Lewis, Adam, Gemma, Jodie, Emily, Sophie, Rachel, Leah and Maria from Middlewich Primary School, Cheshire. Thank you Yifan from Glasgow and Claire, as well.