Early Number Sense

These activities will help children develop a strong sense of number and are part of our Number Sense and Place Value Feature.

Number Rhymes

A counting song activity. Download

Playing Incey Wincey Spider

Here are ideas for using this well known rhyme as a counting game: who will win, the rain or the sun? Download


Children often enjoy rolling large dice so take a look at these challengesDownload.

Golden Beans

Counting golden beans and beginning to match numerals to amounts. DOWNLOAD HERE

Dot Card Games

Stage: Early years and 1

These games devised by Jenni Way use dot cards which will help children see the structure of numbers 1-6 and give them confidence as they begin to add and subtract these numbers.

Number Match

Stage: 1 and 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

A task which depends on members of the group noticing the needs of others and responding.