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Find the Robber

Stage: 3 and 4

This resource is part of "Dotty Grids - Exploring Distance"

Can you help the police locate the robber?

The robber is hiding at a crossroads in a modern city, where the roads are all at right angles and equally spaced.

Choose coordinates where you think the robber might be hiding. The interactivity tells you the shortest distance to the robber, travelling along the roads.

Try to find the robber using only a few guesses.

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Can you guarantee to always find the robber in less than five guesses? Can you do better than this?

How would your strategy change if the robber were allowed to move 1 block after each guess?

Can you think of any other mathematically interesting variations of the game?

To play a similar game in three dimensions, take a look at Find the Metagiff.