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Delia's Routes

A little mouse called Delia lives in a hole in the bottom of a tree.....How many days will it be before Delia has to take the same route again?

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Investigate the number of paths you can take from one vertex to another in these 3D shapes. Is it possible to take an odd number and an even number of paths to the same vertex?

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Diagonal Trace

You can trace over all of the diagonals of a pentagon without lifting your pencil and without going over any more than once. Can the same thing be done with a hexagon or with a heptagon?

Networks and Nodes

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

Could you draw the shapes without removing your pencil from the paper. Which ones were possible and which ones impossible?

These are the networks that Mithran, who is from Australia, could follow. He has sent in his results and shown with arrows the path that he took in completing the shapes. Try some for yourself.