Distance Match

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level


When we travel around, we often need to know how away different places are. In Austria you might see signs like this one:

And this stone marker in Wales shows the distances to Bridgend, Pyle and London in miles:

Here are some distances between cities in kilometres:
530.9,  655.2,  654.4,  540.1,  851.6 and 681.3

Here are the same distances in miles - but not in the same order:
423.3,  529.2,  335.6, 407.1,  329.9 and 406.6

Your first challenge is to match up pairs of distances (one in kilometres, one in miles) that are equal.

Your second challenge is to match the journeys above to the distance between each of these pairs of cities:

Rome to Milan
Geneva to Paris
London to Edinburgh
Milan to Paris
Berlin to Amsterdam
Monaco to Rome