stemNRICH is a collection of resources exploring the maths
involved in science, technology and engineering.

Recent STEM-related resources

Collections for Teachers

STEM Teachers

These resources offer support and suggest ways of using stemNRICH in your classroom.

Age 11 to 16

STEM Mapping

This document provides links to stemNRICH problems mapped to maths, science and technology curriculum topics.

Age 11 to 16

Maths Supporting SET

The Maths supporting SET collection of STEM resources

Age 11 to 16

Living World

The Living World collection of STEM resources

Physical World

The Physical World collection of STEM resources

Age 11 to 16

Design Technology

The Design Technology collection of STEM resources.

STEM Clubs

These resources are ideal for using as part of a STEM Club.

Age 14 to 18
Challenge Level

Advanced STEM

This collection of resources is designed for developing STEM at Post-16.

The themed collections of problems below were published as part of the stemNRICH project.

stemNRICH Features

Age 11 to 16

Maths Gets Physical

Training for a sporting event? Maths can help you!

Age 11 to 16

How Does it Grow?

Scientists are interested in how things grow and decay. Maths provides the tools!

Age 11 to 16

Logical Progression

Planning a complex task is often what makes the difference between success and failure.

Age 11 to 16

Engineering for Beginners

Explore the contribution maths makes to engineering projects.

Age 11 to 16

Container Maths

Is my container big enough? How should I pack a container? How quickly will it fill up?

Age 11 to 16

Trigonometry Gets to Work

Why do I need to learn trigonometry? Plenty of reasons - and here are some examples!

Age 11 to 16

Maths Meets Biology

Investigate what maths has to offer the biological sciences.

Age 11 to 16

Astronomy for Beginners

Modern astronomy starts with observation - maths provides the tools to understand what we see.

Age 11 to 16

Designer Maths

Design is mathematical! Find out more with these resources.

Age 11 to 16


Big numbers, small numbers, calculations - all part of discovering more about the living world.

Age 11 to 16

In Proportion

Understanding ratio and proportion is vital in science and in design technology.

Age 11 to 16

Maths Meets Physics

Maths is the language of physics.

Age 11 to 16

Genetic Inheritance

Explore the maths behind genetics with these problems.

Age 11 to 16

3d Drawing

How do you represent a three dimensional object on paper?

Age 11 to 16

Maths Meets Chemistry

These problems introduce key mathematical skills which are needed to understand chemical processes.

Age 11 to 16

Maths Explores the Planet

Explore the maths of the environmental and geological sciences.

Age 11 to 16

Graphs Make Sense of Data

Graphs are a crucial tool in dealing with the data that science generates.

Age 11 to 16

Scale and Measurement

Without scale and measurement, science, design and engineering would not exist!

Age 11 to 16

How Do My Numbers Look to You?

Numbers are the building blocks of the STEM subjects.

Age 11 to 16

Programming for Beginners

If you want to do interesting things with a computer, why not learn to program?