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There are 12 NRICH Mathematical resources connected to EY Position, you may find related items under Early Years Foundation Stage.

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EYFS Thinking About: Paths and Maps

Age 3 to 7

Here are some examples of children's thinking following on from their exploration of the NRICH Paths activity.

Can You Build This?

Age 3 to 5

Children explore characteristics of shapes and use both everyday and mathematical language to describe them, talk about positions and solve problems

The Importance of Shape and Space in the Early Years

Age 3 to 7

In this article for EY practitioners, Dr Sue Gifford discusses children's early spatial thinking and how this predicts their mathematical understanding and achievement.

Using Books: the Doorbell Rang

Age 3 to 5

In this activity, the book 'The Doorbell Rang' by Pat Hutchins provides an engaging context in which children can explore sharing.

Small World Play

Age 3 to 5

This activity provides an engaging context for children to consider the space they will allocate for some 'small world' toys, and how many toys they will be able to fit into the space.


Age 3 to 5

In this task, children make a collection out of some items and then discuss what they notice about their collection, focusing on the shapes and patterns that they can make.

Position with Wellies

Age 3 to 5

This task uses the familiar situation of a shelf of objects to encourage children to use positional language and follow directions to find their wellies.

Mud Kitchen

Age 3 to 5

When playing in this mud kitchen, children will be using the language of size and capacity to choose utensils for different tasks.

Tubes and Tunnels

Age 3 to 5

When investigating these tubes, children will have the opportunity to practise using everyday language to talk about length, size and position.

Making a Picture

Age 3 to 5

This task provides an opportunity for children to work together to make a picture, discussing with each other which position they want to put each shape in.

Number Rhymes

Age 3 to 5

In this activity, the rhyme 'Ten Green Bottles' is used to encourage children to count backwards to work out how many bottles are left.

Exploring 2D Shapes

Age 3 to 5

In this task, children will make shapes out of loops of string and discuss what they notice about their shapes.