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There are 6 NRICH Mathematical resources connected to EY Taking away and subtraction, you may find related items under Early Years Foundation Stage.

Broad Topics > Early Years Foundation Stage > EY Taking away and subtraction

Two Halves

Age 3 to 5

This task provides children with the opportunity to investigate halving different shapes and check that they have made two halves.

The Box Game

Age 3 to 5

In this game, children will use their addition and subtraction skills to keep track of the number of toys hidden inside a box when toys are added in or taken out.

Shopping - Pirate Poundland

Age 3 to 5

In the pirate pound shop, children can practise their counting skills by choosing ten items to spend their ten pounds on.

Number Rhymes

Age 3 to 5

In this activity, the rhyme 'Ten Green Bottles' is used to encourage children to count backwards to work out how many bottles are left.


Age 3 to 5

By making 'paths' out of different materials and discussing these, children will develop their shape and space language in this activity.


Age 3 to 5

When tidying away toys in this activity, children will use their counting skills to check that all the toys are in the box.