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Devon Teachers Enriching NRICH - Part 2

Age 5 to 11

This is the second part of an article describing the ‘Enriching Mathematics’ project in Devon. The participating teachers describe NRICH activities they have tried with their learners.

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Devon Teachers Enriching NRICH - Part 1

Age 5 to 11

It began in Devon in 2008. The Maths Team was keen to raise the profile of mathematics investigations and further promote mathematical thinking and problem solving in primary classes. Liz was invited. . . .

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The Development of Spatial and Geometric Thinking: Co-ordinating Space in Drawings

Age 5 to 7

This second article in the series refers to research about levels of development of spatial thinking and the possible influence of instruction.

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Using Questioning to Stimulate Mathematical Thinking: Addendum

Age 5 to 14

In the process of working with some groups of teachers on using questions to promote mathematical thinking, the following table was developed. It provides examples of generic questions that can. . . .

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Problem Solving: Opening up Problems

Age 5 to 16

All types of mathematical problems serve a useful purpose in mathematics teaching, but different types of problem will achieve different learning objectives. In generalmore open-ended problems have. . . .