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Polar Flower

Stage: 5 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:3 Challenge Level:3 Challenge Level:3

This polar equation is a quadratic. Plot the graph given by each factor to draw the flower.

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Maltese Cross

Stage: 5 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

Sketch the graph of $xy(x^2 - y^2) = x^2 + y^2$ consisting of four curves and a single point at the origin. Convert to polar form. Describe the symmetries of the graph.

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Polar Bearings

Stage: 5 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:1

What on earth are polar coordinates, and why would you want to use them?

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An Introduction to Polar Coordinates

Stage: 4 and 5

This introduction to polar coordinates describes what is an effective way to specify position. This article explains how to convert between polar and cartesian coordinates and also encourages the. . . .

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Bent Out of Shape

Stage: 4 and 5 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

An introduction to bond angle geometry.