10 November 2020 Webinar for Students Age 9-13

This event has taken place already, but you can see a recording of the webinar here.

Date: Tuesday 10 November 2020

Time: 10.00am-10.45am UTC

Location: ANYWHERE! (as long as you have internet access)
Who: Students aged 9 - 13 and their teachers
What: Collaborative mathematical problem solving led by members of the NRICH team

Sounds good? Read on

Following the popularity of our two previous student webinars, we are pleased to announce that we will be hosting another event on 10 November as part of Maths Week England. To get a flavour of what we've done in the past, you can watch the recording of a recent webinar here.

As before, we will work on a problem together, and teachers will have the opportunity to use the Chat facility to share their students' ideas. We will alternate between thinking time and discussion time, bringing everyone together at various stages during the session.

Suggested classroom setup

We suggest teachers set up a computer and a projector to display the live feed to the whole class, who can work on the problem in small groups while the class teacher submits students' work. 

Students will need pen and paper, or whiteboards. It may be appropriate for some students to have access to calculators.

In preparation for Tuesday's webinar, please print copies of this sheet, enough for one sheet per student. All students will also need something to write with. 

If you have access to a class set of tablets and wifi, then you may wish to have them available too, but they are certainly not essential.

On the day
The event will be hosted on Zoom and a link will be shared with all those who register. Please be aware that once the session has started, it will not be possible to admit latecomers.

Can't make it that day?
Don't worry, we'll be uploading the video on the site after the event so everyone can watch it and have a go at the task in their own time. 

How to get involved
You can sign up by registering online. If several teachers from the same school would like to take part, you will each need to register individually.

NOTE: Please read the NRICH code of conduct policy before you book.

Any questions?
Email the primary or secondary NRICH Team, or tweet us @nrichmaths.