Enriching Networks, Inspiring Teachers

Age 11 to 16
Article by Charlie Gilderdale

Published February 2011.

The NRICH Team have organised a series of three Teacher Inspiration Days in Cambridge this year. The aim has been to support mathematics teachers who are committed to nurturing confident, resourceful and enthusiastic learners.

At the final workshop delegates met to consider how different schools were setting about the task of ensuring that problem solving was an integral part of their curriculum.

Susanne Mallett and Mark Dawes from Comberton Village College shared their experiences, based on the work they had done with the NRICH team on the QCA Engaging Mathematics for all Learners Project:

They set the scene with a short introduction and a handout.

Their workshop offered delegates an opportunity to work on three NRICH problems:


NRICH problems contain Teachers' Notes which address the following headings:
  • Why do this problem?
  • Possible approach
  • Key questions
  • Possible extension
  • Possible support

Teachers at Comberton Village College have been using these prompts to help them to consider how to make the most of NRICH problems.

Finally they shared these useful ways of promoting the use of NRICH resources in their department.

Catherine Carre and Fran Watson from Sharnbrook Upper School also shared their experience of using a couple of NRICH problems with all their Year 10 students:

This was a starting point for the maths department to consider how to integrate NRICH resources more widely into their curriculum.