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Are You a Smart Shopper?

In my local town there are three supermarkets which each has a special deal on some products. If you bought all your shopping in one shop, where would be the cheapest?

The Magic Number and the Hepta-tree

Find the exact difference between the largest ball and the smallest ball on the Hepta Tree and then use this to work out the MAGIC NUMBER!

Would You Rather?

Would you rather: Have 10% of £5 or 75% of 80p? Be given 60% of 2 pizzas or 26% of 5 pizzas?

Which Would You Rather?

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

If you are working in the UK units then go to

Would you rather......

Have 10% of $5 or 75 %of 80¢?


Be given 60% of 2 pizzas or 26% of 5 pizzas?

Be bitten by 15% of 120 mosquitoes or 8% of 250 mosquitoes?


Skip using a rope which is 54% of 105in. long, or 88% of 275 in. long?

Sit in a traffic jam for 33% of 2 hours or 44% of 1hr 40mins?


Make sure you explain your reasons clearly.

Perhaps you'd like to make up some of your own questions like these and send them to us.