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Green Cube, Yellow Cube

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

For the $2$ by $2$ cube

Idil (Private IRMAK Primary & Secondary School, Istanbul, Turkey) says:

All of them must be the same. Three faces with one corner in common will be yellow, the other three faces with the diagonal corner will be green.

Jason (Priory School UK), Christina (Malborough Primary School, UK), and Dogan (Private IRMAK Primary & Secondary School, Istanbul, Turkey) drew a net of a cube to show the colour of each face.

For the $3$ by $3$ cube

Dogan Private IRMAK Primary & Secondary School, Istanbul, Turkey) explains that:

We can paint corners the same as we did before. Then we can paint cubes in the middle like two sides yellow, two sides green - you don't need to paint the other sides. The following figure shows an opened middle cube and how it should be painted: