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Penta Place

Penta people, the Pentominoes, always build their houses from five square rooms. I wonder how many different Penta homes you can create?

Two by One

An activity making various patterns with 2 x 1 rectangular tiles.


A tetromino is made up of four squares joined edge to edge. Can this tetromino, together with 15 copies of itself, be used to cover an eight by eight chessboard?

Tessellating Triangles

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

Equilateral triangles have three sides the same length and three angles the same. Can you make them fit together to cover the paper without any gaps between them? This is called 'tessellating'. red triangle.

What about triangles with two equal sides? These are isosceles triangles.

lilac isosceles triangle. pink isosceles triangle.

Can you tessellate all isosceles triangles?

Now try with right angled triangles. These have one right angle or 90 degree angle.

A blue, red and green right-angled triangle.

Some triangles have sides that are all different. Can you tessellate these?

A green and blue triangle.

Could you tessellate any triangle?