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Halloween Investigation

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

Ana and Ross looked in a trunk in the attic. They found old cloaks and gowns, hats and masks.

"We could make costumes up for Hallowe'en. ", said Ana.

"I could wear a black cloak, green mask and pointy hat", said Ana.

Ross in a black cloak and Dracula mask. "Look at me in the black cloak and Dracula mask. Put the crown on me please", said Ross. Witch.

How many possible costumes could Ross have made if he kept the black cloak and Dracula mask but wore one of the different hats?

Here are two other costumes that Ana and Ross made up.

Two other costumes.

List or draw all of the different cloaks and gowns, masks and hats that they have used.

If they changed around their clothes, hats and masks, how many different costumes do you think Ana and Ross could make?

Find out if your guess was correct.

Ross found extra masks in the trunk. Mask
Another mask. "I think I'll change my face!" laughed Ana.

I wonder how many other costumes Ana and Ross could put together if they put one of these other masks on.

Can you find out?

Ana looked deep into the trunk. "I've found a different cape", she cried. "Now we can make even more costumes!"

How many different Hallowe'en. costumes could Ana and Ross make altogether?


How can you be sure that you have found all of the possible costumes?

I wonder how many more different costumes they could possibly make if they had found this bag of old shoes....