Articles about Doing Mathematics

Getting Started with Solving Rich Tasks

Age 11 to 18

Need some help getting started with solving and thinking about rich tasks? Read on for some friendly advice.

Seven Core Tips for Effective Studying

Age 16 to 18

7 core tips for effective studying

Maths in the Undergraduate Physical Sciences

Age 16 to 18

An article about the kind of maths a first year undergraduate in physics, engineering and other physical sciences courses might encounter. The aim is to highlight the link between particular maths topics (e.g. complex numbers) and their applications.

I've Submitted a Solution - What Next?

Age 5 to 18

In this article, the NRICH team describe the process of selecting solutions for publication on the site.

On the Importance of Pedantry

Age 16 to 18

A introduction to how patterns can be deceiving, and what is and is not a proof.

What Is Problem Solving?

Age 14 to 18

Take a look at the steps involved in thinking through a problem.

STEP Advice

Age 14 to 18

Things you should bear in mind for the STEP exams, and for doing maths generally