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Below is a collection of short articles on various mathematical topics.

Longer articles can be found here.


Stage: 2 and 3

Did you know that ancient traditional mazes often tell a story? Remembering the story helps you to draw the maze.


Stage: 2 and 3

A paradox is a statement that seems to be both untrue and true at the same time. This article looks at a few examples and challenges you to investigate them for yourself.

The Moving Planets

Stage: 2 and 3

Mathematics has always been a powerful tool for studying, measuring and calculating the movements of the planets, and this article gives several examples.

Eclipses of the Sun

Stage: 2 and 3

Mathematics has allowed us now to measure lots of things about eclipses and so calculate exactly when they will happen, where they can be seen from, and what they will look like.

Pi, a Very Special Number

Stage: 2 and 3

Read all about the number pi and the mathematicians who have tried to find out its value as accurately as possible.

More on Mazes

Stage: 2 and 3

There is a long tradition of creating mazes throughout history and across the world. This article gives details of mazes you can visit and those that you can tackle on paper.


Stage: 1, 2 and 3

Calendars were one of the earliest calculating devices developed by civilizations. Find out about the Mayan calendar in this article.

The Art of Celtic Knots

Stage: 2

This article gives a taste of the mathematics of Celtic knots.

Mathematical Symbols

Stage: 1, 2 and 3

A brief article written for pupils about mathematical symbols.

Why Do People Find Probability Unintuitive and Difficult?

Stage: 2, 3, 4 and 5

Uncertain about the likelihood of unexpected events? You are not alone!

Cracking Codes

Stage: 1 and 2

Jenny Murray describes how she developed her interest in making and breaking codes.