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Bunny Hop

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

Why do this problem?

This activity is a version of the popular "Frogs" activity which can be found here . There is an opportunity here for pupils to pursue a very practical experience of mathematics. It also gives pupils a chance to have an extended period of time investigating the activity so as to start improving their perseverance during a long task.

Possible approach

Sit three boys and three girls on a bench to each represent a rabbit and proceed with the activity as described, with the rest of the class suggesting the moves to make. You will probably need to have a discussion about how best to record the moves!

Key questions

Why make that move?
What move could we make next?
Can you do it in fewer moves?
How could we make a new challenge that's a bit like this one?

Possible extension

Have a go at "Frogs" which can be found here .

Possible support

Allowing plenty of opportunities for learners to talk to each other about what is going on will engage them and help them understand the 'rules'.