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Bunny Hop

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

Here are some of the best explained solutions.

Solution 1

Jason (Dunstable) said:

Reason: As there are three rabbits on each side this makes the total three times one rabbit getting past!!!

It takes 3 jumps for 1 rabbit so multiply it by 3 and you get your answer of 9.

Solution 2

Susannah (Headington Junior School) left one grey rabbit behind, but explained things so well:

First one white rabbit jumps over all three grey rabbits =

3 jumps

Then the first grey rabbit jumps over the remaining white rabbits =

2 jumps

Then the second white rabbit (first now) jumps over the remaining grey rabbits =

2 jumps

Lastly, the last grey rabbit jumps over the last white rabbit =

1 jump

Therefore, 8 jumps!

For a new challenge, how many different ways can these 9 jumps take place?