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John's Train Is on Time

A train leaves on time. After it has gone 8 miles (at 33mph) the driver looks at his watch and sees that the hour hand is exactly over the minute hand. When did the train leave the station?

Sweet Shop

Five children went into the sweet shop after school. There were choco bars, chews, mini eggs and lollypops, all costing under 50p. Suggest a way in which Nathan could spend all his money.

Children at Large

There are four children in a family, two girls, Kate and Sally, and two boys, Tom and Ben. How old are the children?

Pattern of Islands

Age 11 to 14 Challenge Level:

The council has decided to build bridges linking the islands Ander, Bresh, Calo, Daple and Ellip.
They want to make sure that
  • there will be two bridges leading from each of the islands Ander, Bresh and Calo, and three leading from Ellip and Daple
  • no pair of islands will be joined by more that one bridge
How many different ways are there to do this?