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Making Cuboids

Let's say you can only use two different lengths - 2 units and 4 units. Using just these 2 lengths as the edges how many different cuboids can you make?


How many DIFFERENT quadrilaterals can be made by joining the dots on the 8-point circle?

Pumpkin Pie Problem

Peter wanted to make two pies for a party. His mother had a recipe for him to use. However, she always made 80 pies at a time. Did Peter have enough ingredients to make two pumpkin pies?

Round and Round the Circle

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

You could use this sheet of circles marked in $12$s and this one that has circles marked in $10$s, $9$s, $8$s and $7$s.

You might find this interactivity helpful for drawing your shapes.