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Dice in a Corner

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:3 Challenge Level:3 Challenge Level:3

We had quite a few solutions sent in for this difficult challenge, most sent in good suggestions for a particular number of dice. It was particularly interesting to see how pupils recorded their work.
Kiran, Eeraj, Igla, Hassan and Ze-shaan at Crumpsall Lane Primary School in England sent this picture of their work:

Thank you for that picture, which I have had to split into two.
Marcus, Jack, Jesse, and Jack, from Canberra Grammar School sent in four different files.
Marcus first:
see the whole file here.doc

Jack sent in;
see his whole file here.pdf 

Jesse sent in;
  see the whole file 

Jack  sent in;
  see his whole file here.pdf 

Thank you all for your hard work, I do recommend that you look at the whole files for those above as they may very well inspire other pupils around the world.
Keep sending in your solutions in whatever form you like.