Tracking Back Study - Key Questions Arising

Age 16 to 18

From this study we have identified 6 important questions arising around which subsequent research might usefully be based. These important questions were formed following a careful examination of the qualitative and quantitative data received. These will informally influence the work of NRICH at Key Stage 5 during 2012/13.
  • Are there meaningful and identifiable profiles of student experience and views of mathematics?
  • Can NRICH devise suitable pre-university intervention/preparation for these profiles which will give students the best possible start at university given their particular educational circumstances?  Are there critical times at which intervention needs to be made?
  • How successful is NRICH in meeting the needs of these students with both existing resources and the new resources which are planned? Can we determine what constitutes a 'good' NRICH resource for these students?
  • In what ways do the social aspects of mathematics become important and lead to university success?
  • What is the correct balance of acceleration vs. enrichment for exceptionally able students?
  • In each of the above points, which aspects are specific to exceptionally talented mathematics students and which are more generally applicable to wider groups of students?